“Something Like That”


My heart goes out to the teenage store clerk who called the cops.


It’s not on you.

Don’t beat yourself up, kid.

We don’t know your name,

But you’re alive and well in our hearts.

You did the right thing.

Tell yourself that a million times.

We’re behind you.

Do it again next time you need to.

Don’t let other people’s mistakes

Taint your sense of right and wrong.

Do the hard things, even when you’re quaking.

The road ahead will be rough for you.

Fight through it.

It’ll never be normal for you.

That’s okay too.

Seek the help you need.

You’re just a kid.

You’re just human.

This is big stuff.

Life’s not fair.

It wasn’t fair to you.

Don’t escape.

Take it face it on.

Come out stronger for this.


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