Damn, The Bastard Child Shows Up!

(Image retrieved 6/12/2020, from https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f2/The_Pied_Piper_of_Hamelin_%E2%80%94_Child_Life.jpg)

This is a raw tribute to lands across the world that have been devastated by colonialism.

The bastard has unexpectedly shown up at his dinner table. Bags in hand. He never thought he’d see her again!

What sudden discomfiture, what indigestion she causes.
She pays no mind to the refined company present.

Her striking resemblance to him is terribly unsettling.

He’d found her mother, wild yet trusting; luscious and unsophisticated.

Magnificent and imposing, he strutted in and denuded her.
He perforated her soul easily and ravaged her – repeatedly, mercilessly, shamelessly. See, he never thought he’d see her again.

He’d paid no mind to her spirited yet ineffectual resistance,
Her agonizing screams,

Her exhausted, limp whimpering.

He kept coming back and even brought others.
Some of them gorge at the banquet tonight.

She looks around and recognizes the ivory, the gold, the diamonds, the mahogany. Ravaged from her land’s bowels, like she was from her mother.

‘God, she’s powerful. Beautiful.’

She need not mention Karen or Kolmanskop.

He sits dumbfounded behind his delectable dinner and baronial company.
What to do with her now?

What will he do with what he did? It’s time to pay the piper.
“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

Hosea 8:7.


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