DREAMS – Part 2. Decoding the Communique

Here’s my current understanding of the dream in the previous post: I live in the country, so my house being in a subdivision is an oddity. Look for those in dreams. Consider proximity as a concept, given the current times. The house on the right is marked by panic and furtive, unsuccessful attempts at self-protection. … Read more


I painted this for my friend. Happy birthday Jan! May your lavender-farm dreams glow brighter every day. What a pleasure to bestow, a piece whose rainbow colors glow, and show the lavender you’ll grow. And though the process seems so slow, and you mow through sun and snow, Your dream will come with joy in … Read more


“Tropical Dreams” watercolor, hannah tk Waves are crashing, froth licks my toes Seagulls drifting, wherever the wind goes Summer’s calling, I’m dreaming of the beach. Rain is dumping, my dream is beyond reach.   https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/froth/