BLAK Lives Matter (Part 2) – But I hurt, and the Need is so great…

Image retrieved from Something interesting happened that intercepted Joshua’s escape to solitude. A crowd heard he was on the lake. They knew the private spot where he was going. And they beat him there. When he landed he saw a large crowd. It was a sea of blak lives. There in their midst, he zoomed … Read more

BLAK Lives Matter (Part 1) – Off with Their Heads

Image retrieved from: “They cut off John’s head.” Bart is the deliverer of this horrendous news and he can hardly breath, let alone speak. He is horrified, shocked. There’s no gentle way to drop a hand-grenade.  He stumbles out onto the street and leaves a stunned Joshua. It is a senseless killing while in … Read more

Damn, The Bastard Child Shows Up!

(Image retrieved 6/12/2020, from This is a raw tribute to lands across the world that have been devastated by colonialism. The bastard has unexpectedly shown up at his dinner table. Bags in hand. He never thought he’d see her again! What sudden discomfiture, what indigestion she causes.She pays no mind to the refined company … Read more