With fervor, disarming candor, and great humor, Dr. Hannah Thuku Kolehmainen speaks at retreats,  conferences, seminars, and other gatherings, customizing talks for faith-based or secular audiences.

Dr. Hannah has developed The Functional Addict’s Freedom Formula© to guide you to freedom from a hang-up that is driving you and those around you crazy. Every addiction causes you to lose control and live in what she calls Crazyland, governed by internal and external chaos.

  • Examples of internal chaos include living in fear of being discovered; shame and self-loathing because, despite looking good on the outside, you are disappointed with your choices and with the person you have become; despite telling yourself you are done, you keep slipping right back into the habit.
  • Examples of external chaos include ugly fights in your key relationships; a pattern of lying and intricate coverups; failing at school or work; financial trouble.

The 4-step freedom formula organizes the chaos into order and navigates you from Crazyland to being in firm control, so you perform your roles effectively and have peace.

Dr. Hannah holds a master’s degree in occupational therapy and has worked in academia, community education, psychiatry, geriatrics, and hospice.  She holds a Ph.D. in Biblical counseling. The Functional Addict’s Freedom Formula will be released in the Summer of 2023.

Prepurchase your signed copy here and get your ticket out of Crazyland!