A Poem a Day

I had a great visit with a retired doctor last week who shared that, as a writer, she aims to write a poem a day. I dedicate this one to Dr. Nordgren.

A poem a day is an order
Prescribed by a Doctor of Parlance,
To calm all my mental disorder
By righting my inner imbalance.

If you skip one, a backlog will set in;
You feel creepy words crawling on your skin.
So pull out your tablet and watch how,
The brain starts to churn with a low growl
And delights the heart with this cure called verse,
Whose effects are never adverse!

0 thoughts on “A Poem a Day”

  1. it’s good to have friends
    on who one can depend
    to offer these cures
    when the mind starts to blur
    and life sends us over the bend.


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