Kenyan-born and Oregon-ripened, Dr. Hannah Thuku Kolehmainen is an international speaker and educator, best-selling author, as well as an addiction & trauma therapist. She is a Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional (PSAP) and also holds a certification in children's grief. As an addiction specialist, she sees the painful, underlying role of grief and trauma that "makes addiction make sense."

In her coaching as well as her counseling practice, she incisively fuses the power of Scripture, science, and story to fuel your faith. Dr. Hannah is the founder and director of Further the Faith and is a sought after, on-fire speaker for retreats, conferences, seminars, and other transformational gatherings.

With fervor, disarming candor, and great humor, she promotes authentic living and the power we have access to, to dramatically transform us, so we show up authoritatively in this broken world with healing in our wings!



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Furthering the FAITH of God's elect, and their KNOWLEDGE of the truth, leading to GODLINESS, in the HOPE of eternal life! (Titus 1:1, 2)

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